I was caught in the riptide,

No air to call for help.

No shore was in my sight,

I was tangled up in kelp.

The waves had been so calming,

So promising and blue.

Until I Lost control-

And their strength only grew.

They took me further than I desired,

Deeper than I could swim.

Pulled me in all directions

And then did it all again.

The riptide gave no rest or pause,

Only tumbling unending.

The seashells ripped sharp like claws

My body surely rending.

A hand amidst the chaos,

Begging me to grasp,

Plunging beneath the water tossed,

In his arms, safe. At last.

Sunshine warmth upon my face,

Secure above the waters.

So powerful the saving grace,

That I can be called daughter.

The riptide pulled me under

Dooming me to sink

Strong arms pulled me closer

In the bright sun could I then blink.

Some are lost in the riptide,

Never again see the shore alive.

I had a savior pull me out,

The only way I could survive.

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