Oh Lord please forgive me for deep down in my heart
I’ve realized what I’ve harboured almost from the very start. 
See I’ve always had plenty, yes, more than enough,
but somehow I still worry that one day I’ll have none. 
So I fret and I fear of the future trials to come.
And work and save up to pay for the potentially large sums. 
I work day to day, honorable enough I am sure, 
but, see, my motives are not always very pure. 
For somewhere along the way I have wrongly presumed,

That if I do not plan well, my future is doomed. 
I wonder and ponder how I came across this thought
And realize that I think it often, quite a lot. 
I think it when I save money and when I look for a spouse
And when I’m afraid of how I will pay for my future house. 
The worry inside eats away at my soul
So much so that I feel I could lose all control. 
But something else inside me, says “NO! it’s not so!”
It says to me, “Child, know that I care for the sparrows…
 The hairs on your worrisome head are carefully numbered
I watch over you even while you silently slumber
I formed you in the womb and knew you from the start
Why, then, would I let your whole life fall apart?
Your life may have trials, yes that is true
But trials are my way of transforming you. 
Your list of problems and worries may be long but you see,
I’ve been here longer, put your trust in Me.  
I am here even if your plans do fall through,
All this to say, simply put, that I love you.”
 That small voice inside of me slowly grows bigger
Forcing me to think through my plans and reconsider,
All of my fear motivated ways of working and saving
Assuming I could achieve it all in my thinking and behaving. 
But slowly and surely I am thinking new thoughts,
Renewing my mind from the “what ifs “or “what nots”. 
I know God is faithful and he will see me through
I don’t have to worry, I have a new point of view!

2 thoughts on “Fear in His Hands

  1. Very good and thought provoking! Amazing what things fill our minds with worry yet God knows them all. He has our solutions before we know our problem.


  2. What a beautiful point of view! Especially on this snowy day, to remember that Christ saved us from an eternity of sin and destruction. He has made us white as snow if we surrender our lives to His all consuming grace! If he did that, he will surely take care of our day to day worries. Thanks so much for sharing Ella! Ben and I loved it 🙂


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