Roots of truth


The whisperings of the wind

Flutter and surround my being.

I often get caught up in this whirlwind

And sometimes stop thinking.

I stop knowing,

Knowing the truth.

The constant, steady tree with roots.

Roots that go down deep

And spread out wide.

That will always keep

Me still inside.


That flows like a river.

Sometimes the breeze makes me shiver.

I want the truth with deep down roots instead of the wind

making the air increasingly thinned,

all of its noise fills up my ears, with little room left to think or to speak,

I hopelessly feel like I’ll slip because I’m weak.

Those roots, and that river, that steady slow growth,

remind me I’m loved and give oh so much hope.

Father, Please help me!

To remember your truth,

Not forgetting the words that I memorized as a youth.

I pray that I will forget the words of this world,

That strangle and poke at this weak little girl.

May your truth reign in my life and over this earth,

So people may see and know of YOUR worth!


Poem by Ella Stewart

The rotten chocolate pencil

It tempts me as I write

With each and every stroke on paper

I want to take a bite.

But if I bite into it, I will not be satisfied

Because rotten chocolate pencils

very much deceive the eyes.

That tempestuous outside

gives way to a nasty inside.

Though beautiful on paper,

Eloquent words and all

In reality it is evil,

Merely begging you to fall.

But to exchange the rotting one for one fresh and newly made

The pencil will be useless until you make the exchange.

And once exchanging the pencil,

You do in fact dig in,

You will find it quite delightful,

And fully without sin.


This poem is written by Ella Stewart.